A Head Full of Budgerigars

New Year – New beginning

When I started writing this blog, I had no idea that I would go on to write my first book, Head Full of Budgerigars. I became so immersed in the task that the blog became a distraction, breaking into precious writing time. Last night, I attended my regular writing group, Severn Valley Authors, who encouraged me to think about my on-line profile. They explained that any agent to whom I sent my manuscript would want to see me out there in the world of social networking, blogging, tweeting and confidently promoting my work. I have taken their advice, read each of their marvellous blogs, and got down to work. Links to the blogs of Anthony Gillam, Rob Ronsson and Chris Smith are available on www.severnvalleyauthors.blogspot.com.
For the whole of last year, I worked on my book with the help of a mentor, Kathryn Heyman. Kathryn was a tutor on an Arvon course which I attended at the Hurst in Clun, Shropshire. Her writing was truly an inspiration to me. I fell in love with her strong, direct voice. In the flesh she is very funny and a real Aussie. I can’t recommend her books highly enough. Her next book, The Floodline, will be published by Allen and Unwin later this year. Do take a look at her website www.kathrynheyman.com.
My new year’s gift to my small band of followers is the music of the amazing young
violinist Daisy Castro, who you can listen to at www.gypsymothmusique.com.
She began playing the violin when she was six.
There are some fabulous videos of Daisy on YouTube.
‘By nine o’clock the market was in full swing and the gypsy band filled the house with music:
Two left feet and oh so neat has sweet Georgia Brown.’

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